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The European Commission has released two new guidelines on Environmental Footprinting for Organisations (Organisation Environmental Footprint, OEF) and Products (Product Environmental Footprint, PEF) which will come into force in the first half of 2013. Final drafts were initially made available late last year.

The environmental footprint guidelines build on existing life cycle methodology (from raw materials to end of life / waste management), and are based on ISO 14044 and the ILCD (International Reference Life Cycle Data System) Handbook. They also consider (and incorporate as much as possible), a range of other existing standards and guidelines from areas as diverse as Carbon Accounting, Water Footprinting and GRI Sustainability Reporting.

Environmental Footprint Guides

Although it is not yet decided whether the new environmental footprint guidelines will become the basis for a mandatory reporting scheme for products and corporations in Europe in the future. It is however highly likely that in Europe they will become the standard (either voluntary or mandatory), for making green claims and communicating the ecological environmental footprint of products and organisations

Guidance on methodological requirements for Environmental Footprints

The published environmental fooprint guidelines should be seen as two elements within a wider environmental footprinting initiative. The documents also provide guidance on how to create sector-specific and product group-specific methodological requirements for use in Organisation Environmental Footprint Sector Rules (OEFSRs) and Product Environmental Category Rules (PEFCRs), respectively.

Service & Solution

Organisation Environmental Footprint Services:

  • Screening of Organization Environmental Footprints (OEF) across your organization based on the requirements of the OEM Guide
  • Develop Concepts for and Analysis of detailed Organization Environmental Footprints
  • Support in the development of Organisation Environmental Footprint Sector Rules

Product Environmental Footprint Services

  • Pilot Product Environmental Footprints (PEF) for selected products in your portfolio based on the requirements of the PEF Guide
  • Customized Product Environmental Footprint Roll Out & Green Claims
  • Support in the development of Product Environmental Footprint category Rules

Integrated Organisation and Product Environmental Footprint Solutions:

PE INTERNATIONAL provides you with a customized concept, software solutions and data services that enable you to fulfill the requirements of Organization Environmental Footprint and Product Environmental Footprints efficiently by using the many synergies of both concepts. This includes managing your product portfolio, ensuring alignment and compatibility between all associated activities, creating reporting templates, coordinating data collection and data management, using environmental databases to bridge information gaps, developing robust risk and cost reduction concepts as well as strategies for optimizing product performance and associated claims.

Training Courses & Workshops/Roundtables

PE offers dedicated Training Courses & Workshops/Roundtables focusing on selected issues relevant to the process of Product Environmental Footprint / Organization Environmental Footprint Calculations and PEFCR/OEFSR development. 

Your Benefits

Gain competitive advantage by becoming an early mover and optimising not only technical and economic criteria, but also ecological aspects following the most comprehensive and relevant standards of the European Commission including

  • Optimizing energy and resource use by identifying opportunities for minimizing consumption
  • Reducing costs and risks by identifying clever substitution of existing materials or recycling potentials


Convert increasing b2b reporting requirements and consumer interest into business values and advantages

  • Proactively displaying your environmental performance
  • Identify weak points and priority areas
  • Enhance energy and resource efficiency
  • Avoid further regulatory requirement.


Improve the internal coordination  between your development, production, marketing and sustainability departments as well as your relationship with your suppliers and customers with the help of a structured life cycle approach.


Foster understanding and implementation of Life Cycle Thinking and integrate it into daily business practices on all levels.


Improve internal and external environmental communication with reliable information and be able to respond to external information requests and communicate robust green claims in line with the European Commission requirements.

Software Tools

GaBi Software is the universal Life Cycle Assessment tool for sustainability data administration and evaluation of your Product Environmental Footprints.



Sofi Software is the leading Enterprise Sustainability Performance solution for Organisation Environmental Footprints. With SoFi you can assess relevant environmental impacts, detect hot spots and weak points and evaluate potentials for improvement.

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