PE INTERNATIONAL is now thinkstep

PE INTERNATIONAL announces rebranding as thinkstep and introduces the...more

CDP Spring Workshop Italy: Quantifying the business case of sustainable development

The next Italian CDP Spring Workshop Italy will take place in Milan on March...more

Food & Feed Database Resources

In December 2014 the Food and Feed LCA database from PE INTERNATIONAL was...more

Symposium 2015 - Online registration is now open!

We are happy to announce that the online registration for the 2015 Symposium...more

Whitepaper - Climate Change Reporting

Whitepaper - Climate Change Reporting

Get your free copy of our Whitepaper "Managing information for climate change reporting: a CDP roadmap guide"


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Lise Lyngfelt Molander

Lise has over 16 years industrial and consultancy experience in environmental sustainability on corporate level. more

Dr. Sabine Deimling

Dr. Sabine Deimling is specialized in databases for renewable materials enabling PE to model complex agrarian processes. more



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PE INTERNATIONAL offers strategic sustainability consulting services and the leading life cycle assessment software GaBi for product sustainability and SoFi software for corporate sustainability.

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