Latest Enterprise Software creates instant ‘Sustainability-Champions’

Latest Enterprise Software creates instant ‘Sustainability-Champions’

PE INTERNATIONAL launches SoFi 5, the newest release of its leading enterprise software, delivering substantial advances in Enterprise Sustainability Performance (ESP), and pioneering new standards for corporate environmental footprinting and enterprise-wide sustainability improvement

Stuttgart/Boston/London, 4 April, 2012 – Sustainability software and expert services provider PE INTERNATIONAL has launched SoFi Release 5.0, the latest version of its ESP software. SoFi 5 creates the ability to help any organization optimally succeed in its mission to improve sustainability performance, addressing environmental & social responsibilities.

SoFi 5 accurately assesses the existing environmental footprint for large corporates, then identifies, diagnoses and drives enterprise sustainability improvements across a company’s operations and its supply chain, creating “Sustainability-Champions” within the Enterprise.

With its advanced intuitive functionality, SoFi 5 improves a company’s sustainability in every element of its enterprise operations and supply chain - be it energy consumption, water use, carbon emissions or other social, environmental and economic sustainability impacts. SoFi 5 intuitively determines sustainability improvement options, responding with appropriate peer-tested and verified solutions from its reference Best Practice Libraries.

As Dr. Robert Gabriel, Executive Director Corporate Sustainability & Strategy at PE INTERNATIONAL says; “Our mission with this latest version of SoFi 5 has been to create an extremely intuitive sustainable business intelligence solution that truly enables the management of sustainability performance with the help of monitoring dashboards, advanced analytics and benchmarking. The 130,000 constantly updated best practice datasets and 15,000 external benchmarks quickly identify and diagnose optimum sustainability improvements; all fully assessed for cost and environmental savings. Use of SoFi 5 is even more intuitive; making the lives of executives tasked with sustainability management easier with every relevant and up-to-date fact at their fingertips.”

Fundamentally, SoFi 5 ESP helps enterprises understand and manage their total environmental, social and economic impacts in five key phases:

1. It builds a Sustainability information landscape by integrating existing enterprise datasets, including automated data aggregation from disparate systems, manual collation of data through questionnaire technology, with class-leading “data characterization” for precise environmental impacts and risks.


2. It measures current sustainability performance against objective sector-specific benchmarks, using easy executive dashboards for sustainability KPIs, flexible benchmarking platform and performance gap analysis. This realization can sometimes make sobering reading for an enterprise, but with SoFi 5 it comes with ‘good news’.


3. The good news is that SoFi 5 automatically finds performance gaps and identifies, evaluates and assesses for cost-benefit real-world improvement opportunities. It does this by objective comparison to the 130,000 best practice datasets, presenting ROI analysis and scenario-modeling for processes, production and operations.


4. It dynamically builds ongoing improvement plans and tracks action execution. Any executive tasked with environmental improvements is quickly presented with a check list of practical options across a range of disciplines ranging from cheapest, most cost effective, ‘quick fixes’, through to longer term investments that offer comprehensive results over extended investment periods. These solutions can actually add to an enterprise’s bottom line as well as its corporate social responsibility (CSR) standing.


5. SoFi 5 presents and communicates results. A sustainability-tasked Executive can communicate an enterprise’s success to customers, contractors, suppliers and internal stakeholders via integration and templates for GRI, CDP, SAM/DJSI, ERP, Finance and GaBi systems. SoFi 5 provides workflow support and audit-log for 3rd party report verification, supply chain and Scope 3 reporting. All outputs are compliant with ISO Enterprise Energy Management standards, GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) reporting, EMAS (Environmental Management), CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) carbon and water management, and Sustainable Supply Chain imperatives.

The SoFi Enterprise Sustainability Software already has many world-class customers, including Siemens - helping its tier 1 suppliers to reduce energy cost by up to 17%; Carnival – recognized in the FTSE4 Good sustainability index and the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index; DekaBank - saving € 300,000 in energy and paper costs during the first 6 months alone; Deutsche Post DHL - increasing carbon efficiency for its own operations and its subcontractors by 12% within 3 years; as well as similar success stories from Kraft Foods, Adidas and Munich Re amongst many other sector leaders worldwide.


PE INTERNATIONAL is one of the world’s most experienced sustainability software, content and strategic consulting firms. With 20 years of experience and 20 offices around the globe, PE INTERNATIONAL allows clients to understand sustainability, improve their performance and succeed in the marketplace. Through market leading software solutions, Five Winds Strategic Consulting Services and implementation methodologies PE INTERNATIONAL has worked with some of the world's most respected firms to develop the strategies, management systems, tools and processes needed to achieve leadership in sustainability.

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