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Sustainable products are now essential on a planet with 7 billion citizens

PE ´s new GaBi 5 software guarantees sustainability optimisation in every manufactured product now and for the generations to come. GaBi 5 makes it easy for your business to carry out Life Cycle Assessments (LCA).

It also enables you to deliver more sustainable yet price-competitive products to match your customer’s expectations and become more resource efficient in a world of rising prices and legislative obligations. GaBi 5 even helps your business to cut costs and make your production and supply chains more efficient.

So what does GaBi 5 do?

GaBi 5 models every element of a product or system from a life cycle perspective. 


GaBi 5:

  • equips businesses to make the best informed decisions on the manufacture and lifecycle of any product from a hand-held mobile phone to a match-stick to an airport;
  • provides an easily accessible, populated database detailing the energy and environmental impact of sourcing and refining every raw or processed element of a manufactured item, 
  • considers the impact of the product or system on the environment and presents alternative options for manufacturing, distribution, recyclability, pollution and sustainability.

GaBi 5 can deliver the 'sustainability dream'

Michael Betz, CEO of PE INTERNATIONAL says of PE’s flagship software:
 “GaBi 5 and its associated databases deliver the ‘sustainability dream’ in an increasingly populous and polluted world. It allows easy access to the quality of data essential to make key, strategic sustainability decisions and offers users the opportunity to communicate well substantiated information externally.


Moreover, GaBi 5 is the essential tool for meeting the escalating demands from customers and regulators for improved environmental performance and greater transparency of sustainability claims. By evaluating new products and solutions based on environmental benefits and cost implications, companies can develop portfolios that drive revenue growth, integrate sustainability into the product development process and, most importantly, tread gently on planet Earth – the only home we have.”


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