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EPDs in Austria hold big potential

In Austria, demand for environmentally responsible production and use of building and construction materials by suppliers, producers and end users has made Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) gain popularity.  EPD’s are seem as a means of providing independent, holistic, verified environmental performance data on a product or service for the purposes of marketing.

As was reaffirmed at the EPD workshop in Vienna, major stakeholders and players influenced by such drivers as improved value chains, market constraints, the growing demands of consumers, better understanding of in house processes, scarcity of resources, profitability etc; believe EPDs in Austria are gaining favor, and will at least help differentiate the environmental performance of products if not yet leading the indicators of what constitutes good or bad products.

EPD workshop documentation

Some important examples by Austrian industry representatives were shown at the event that was taking place at Oct. 11, 2011 and can be read and download here.