News 2010 Detail

PE INTERNATIONAL joined the Sustainability Consortium

PE Americas has joined The Sustainability Consortium

PE INTERNATIONAL has joined the Sustainability Consortium, a group of independent scientists and engineers working to develop a global database of information on the life cycle of products.

Managed by the University of Arkansas Applied Sustainability Center and the Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University, the Sustainability Consortium will attempt to quantify the lifecycle of various consumer goods. These findings will identify sustainability hotspots throughout the value chain, helping retailers and suppliers move forward on the path to sustainability.


As the first LCA/Sustainability consulting firm to join the Sustainability Consortium, PE will be on the steering committee with involvement in the Sustainability Consortium’s working groups.


To quantify product impacts, the Sustainability Consortium will be using our GaBi software that supports the collection, organization, analysis, and monitoring of the environmental performance of products and processes.