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PE Academy – Workshops & Seminars addressing the hot topics of sustainability

PE Academy

As part of our Symposium “sustainability 2.0 – from green to blue” to be held on October 27, 2010 the PE Academy is offering a two day workshop and seminar programme. 

This will be on Oct. 26 and 28 and will address the ‘hot topics’ in sustainability.

Water Footprint, Corporate Carbon Footprint in the Context of Scope 3, Carbon Management, and Environmental Product Declarations are only some of the topics that will be covered by the PE Academy on these two days. These informative and interactive workshops and seminars will be conducted in conjunction with experts from companies such as Amcor, Corus, Masdar City, Siemens, SCA and Unilever. This will provide a practical approach to issues complete with case studies and encourage direct exchange between participants.

Join the PE Academy and learn about best practices from sustainability leaders across the whole value chain in different industries. Be exposed to cutting edge ideas, know-how and concrete solutions to future challenges.


Space is limited – reserve your seat today!