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EPD-Workshop - building materials for sustainable building

Environmental product declarations (EPDs) are the most impotent medium to inform about building products which are used to benchmark the sustainability of buildings.

The sustainability of the building depends on the quality of the building materials. That`s why the provable sustainable building products are considered already by planning and sourcing of materials today.


The ordinance on building products will include an extra claim “sustainability” in the future. And building products manufacturers should be able to achieve it. Since the european standard contains the facet “sustainability of buildings” the environmental product declarations are the central medium to inform about the building products for building monitoring.


The EPD workshop organized by IBU institute will take place on April 29, 2009 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is directed towards building products and materials manufacturers, building engineers and other players along the value chain for buildings, for example architects, building or project managers, builders, builder's merchants and recyclers.