News 2004 Detail

PE INTERNATIONAL will contribute to the Sixth International Conference on EcoBalance entitled "Development and Systematizing of EcoBalance Tools Based on Life-Cycle-Thinking"

At the conference the focus will be on "Life-Cycle-Thinking". Discussion will concentrate on how Life-Cycle-Thinking could be implemented in decision making for companies, consumers and governments.

The contributions of PE INTERNATIONAL to the conference will be:


  • Oral presentation on LCA in Green Procurement.
  • Member of the "International Advisory Board".
  • Chairperson for the Session on "Decision Support Tools in Environmental Policy".
  • Assistance in a workshop on the effective introduction in emerging markets and developing countries for APEC-Member States.
  • Member of the "selection committee for the Poster Award" to select the best posters presented.

The meeting will be held from Oct.25 - Oct.27, 2004 in Tsukuba, JAPAN.

For further information on the conference and for the program please refer to: