News 2004 Detail

PE INTERNATIONAL is one of 25 partners in the project ecodesign interactive systems within the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Union.

Goal of the project (starting September 1st, 2004 until 2007) is to provide enterprises with methods and tools to optimize environmental aspects of their products and develop competitive advantages.

The targets of the ecodesign interactive systems project are:


  • to increase awareness and train SMEs to this new ecodesign approach,
  • to define innovative POEMS: Product Oriented Environmental Management Systems,
  • to develop interactive information systems to share relevant standard information through the value chain,
  • to implement decision aid systems to enable trade-offs between different manufacturing options and reduce products environmental impacts.

PE INTERNATIONAL will mainly contribute in work packages 2 (manufacturing processes diagnostic tool) and 4 (intelligent data processing systems) with the following tasks:


  • Database specification and database software development
  • Identification of data sources and data collection
  • Consideration of the manufacturing as one step of the product's life cycle
  • Functional needs definition taking into account the whole life cycle of a product
  • Specification of interface with work package 2 database