News 2004 Detail

PE INTERNATIONAL & IKP present first ecological results on the Fuel Cell Bus system operated in Stuttgart at the f-cell conference in Stuttgart.

The CUTE (Clean Urban transport), ECTOS (Ecological City Transport System) & STEP (Sustainable Transport Energy Perth) projects were established to demonstrate the readiness of fuel cell technology as an almost emission-free and low-noise transport system in public transportation.

The three projects mark the first large scale fleet application of fuel cell (FC) driven vehicles to date.


The tasks of PE INTERNATIONAL and IKP within the projects are:


  • the evaluation of the environmental impact of the FC bus systems in comparison to conventional bus systems by LCA considering the total life cycle (production, operation and end of life),
  • the environmental analysis of different ways of hydrogen production,
  • the development of future scenarios and
  • the contribution of the fuel cell technology to Kyoto commitments.


These accompanying studies are conducted to ensure that the set goals of environmental friendly and resource saving provision of transportation are reached.


The f-cell-conference will be held on September 27th /29th 2004 at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart. For more information on the conference please visit


For more information on the CUTE, ECTOS & STEP projects, please visit