LCA Data on demand & LCA Databases

Sustainability Data on demand and Sustainability LCA Databases from PE.

LCA Data on demand & LCA Databases

The environmental impacts of products and services need to be initially
assessed in order to make them more sustainable and to increase their
environmental performance. This requires amassing data and information
regarding the whole life cycle of a product or service from sources within
and beyond any individual company.

In addition, accessing this information can be particularly challenging. The primary data needed to perform precise and credible analyses are often nonexistent or difficult to acquire from suppliers.

We meet your data requirements

PE INTERNATIONAL solves this problem with our databases and data on
demand service. Our aim is to meet your data requirements efficiently and
comprehensively and to make our ‘Data Warehouse’ available for you to
find the right solution based on your individual needs.

High quality databases for professionals

Our long standing expert knowledge derives from our cooperation with
industry, direct access to current scientific skills and our own substantial
patent and technical literature. These elements constitute a unique base of information that make PE INTERNATIONAL’s ‘Data Warehouse’ a worldwide leading, high quality LCA database for professionals.

Service & Solution

PE INTERNATIONAL supplies customised data on demand, either from
our own accumulation or newly generated.

With access to our database service, your organisation can avoid the time consuming and thus expensive task of searching for your own data. Furthermore the extension modules of our GaBi Databases cover a manifold of topics and ideally supplement sector-specific applications.


The wide range of our data sets cover many sectors of industry such as metals, organic and inorganic intermediate products, plastics, mineralmaterials, energy, machining processes, recycling economy, coatings, electronics, construction materials, textile finishing or renewable rawmaterials.

Your Benefit

Individual high quality data-sets of your products or services adjusted foryour specific needs.

Precise and accurate information about the environmental performance
of your products or services through a Life Cycle Assessment with
customised data sets

Getting LCA-data in a timely and cost efficient way.

Identify the magnitude and relevance of each individual stage within the
product/service life cycle. Which stage causes the greatest environmental

Obtain solid information to improve external communication with
customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Generate understanding of Life Cycle Thinking and integrate it into the
day-to-day business on every level of your organisation.

Software Tool

GaBi Software is the universal Life Cycle Assessment tool for sustainability data administration and evaluation on the organisation, facility, process or product life cycle levels.

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Contact us
John Heckman

John Heckman

E-Mail+1 303 442 6969

Contact us
John Heckman

John Heckman

E-Mail+1 303 442 6969

GaBi Databases

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