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There are many changes abound in the building industry. From architects and specifiers driving asks for Product Declarations,  to LEED v4 and IgCC, organizations are requesting disclosure of product impact information.

PE INTERNATIONAL works extensively in the building and construction industry with raw material suppliers, manufacturers, architects, designers, contractors, owners and operators. This value-chain view allows for seamless development and delivery of transparent information via product and building life cycle assessment, product declarations and supplier engagement programs.


Transparency and disclosure are now a requirement for doing business. Your customers are being asked to disclose environmental, ingredient and supply chain impacts to specifiers and building owners. PE INTERNATIONAL has been helping manufacturers with these challenges for over two decades and is well positioned to help you meet your customers' needs. Our software and solutions are used by over 1500 organizations globally.


PE INTERNATIONAL is the global market leader in software solutions and services in the field of enterprise sustainability, life cycle assessment, and innovation. With more than 20 years of experience and 20 offices around the globe, PE INTERNATIONAL offers two leading software solutions - GaBi for product sustainability and SoFi for corporate and supply chain sustainability. Over 2500 companies and institutions worldwide put their trust in PE INTERNATIONAL’s consulting, software, and databases. Long-time clients include market leaders such as BASF, Herman Miller, Interface, ThyssenKrupp, ARUP and Johnson Controls.

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