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Green Building

Case Study - Interface

Case Study - Interface

Get your free copy of our Case Study: Interface - Using LCA to guide their sustainability journey


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Download our Green Building case study: Interface - Using LCA to guide their sustainability journey

Our Green Building Services & Solutions

Ingredients Assessment and Disclosure /Health Product Declaration

Ingredients Disclosure is here to stay. PE can help you navigate. Many leading architectural firms are requiring material “ingredient disclosures” to gain entrance into their product libraries. Increased emphasis is being placed on material transparency and disclosure of ingredients that go into our
built environment and the impact they may have on occupant health.

Additionally, the new version of the LEED® rating system, LEED® v4 has dramatically revamped “Materials and Resources (MR)” credits. Credit MRc4 specifically rewards disclosure and optimization of product ingredients. This can be difficult for manufacturers to provide, especially when it comes to “proprietary” ingredients or tracking down ingredients from suppliers. PE INTERNATIONAL can help you determine what pathway is right for your organization and finalize credit compliance documentation; Health Product Declaration (HPD), Cradle to Cradle, Greenscreen or other, alternative pathways.

Green Building Software & Consulting

Green Building or Sustainable Building means to construct and manage buildings in an economic and green way that hinders environmental burdens and conserves resources. Thus, a green building contributes to the protection of human health, and social as well as cultural values.

The building sector has the greatest potential to reduce CO2 emissions. Currently, 30% of global CO2 emissions and 40% of global resource consumption is a result of constructing buildings. Green building methods, sometimes known as sustainable building or even green building, is an approach to building and architecture that favors environmentally sound and resource-efficient methods that last through a building’s lifecycle.

Green Building - Optimise the environmental performance of buildings with Life Cycle Assessment

Our main goals is to optimise the environmental performance of a building using a life cycle approach, in which the materials and products used in a building are compared and evaluated for best performance at the building level (life cycle assessment). To enable such comparisons, information about the environmental performance of products must consistently be reliable and available.

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John Heckman

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