PE Sustainability Solutions Overview

We improve Sustainability Performance to make companies and products more efficient & competitive

Sustainability leaders perform better

Investment in improving Sustainability Performance delivers proven benefits across organizations.

As a result, Sustainability Performance is now firmly on the agenda of all large and progressive companies and according to a recent McKinsey survey 73 % of executives say sustainability is a priority on their CEO’s global agenda, a board level priority.


Sustainability Benefits include:

Cost Reductions

  • Optimize material energy and resource use across the value chain



Risk Management

  • Market Acceptance (Legal & Supply Chain)
  • Compliance with regulation
  • Mitigation of risk from materials and processes of concern
  • Social acceptance

Competitive Advantage

  • Enhance brand and reputation
  • Appeal to employees, customers and investors

Revenue Increase

  • Customer preference for sustainability labelled goods
  • Build new sustainable product portfolios

Leading businesses realize they must manage environmental, social and economic impacts across the full breadth of their operations and value chain.

PE helps commercial businesses & government organizations improve Sustainability Performance

PE INTERNATIONAL is one of the world’s most experienced sustainability software, content and strategic consulting firms.

With 20 years of experience and offices on every continent, 40 % of the global Fortune 500 companies now rely on PE to improve their Sustainability Performance in a variety of ways:


> Review: all sustainability impacts (carbon, water, energy, emissions, waste, use of materials and natural resources)

> Look at: environmental impact, social impact, costs, health and safety issues, brand advancement & risk

> Assess: manufactured products, grown products and everything in their creation e.g. your operations and supply chain

> Investigate: design, production, transport, use and end-of-life

> We evaluate: Buildings, Plant and Factories, Assets, Processes

PE is a global leader in sustainability performance solutions

We assess Sustainability Performance on any angle, we Benchmark industries, apply Sustainability Best Practice, and we deliver improvements.

From a matchstick, to a skyscraper, to a Power Station, and the businesses that make them, growth them, sell them, use them – we can assess everything!


Our integrated solution offerings combine the following:


> Unparalleled Expertise; includes some of the most talented & respected Sustainability practitioners on the planet, including specific industry domain experience

> Encyclopaedic sustainability data; PE INTERNATIONALl has become THE reference point for all sustainability data on materials & processes:

> Leading sustainability software tools - incorporating data aggregation, modelling, reporting & best practise advocacy - address all aspects of Product & Enterprise Sustainability, as well as Product Sustainability Compliance

Whether you want to advance your company, or nurture our Planet, contact PE INTERNATIONAL - THE world’s leading Sustainability partner.

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