The electronics industry worldwide faces an increasingly challenging set of corporate and environmental sustainability issues. Disclosure expectations on product carbon footprint, materials of concern, and labor practices in the supply chain continue to increase, and regulations on hazardous materials, toxicity, and end of life management only continue to grow as well.  

PE INTERNATIONAL can support electronics manufacturers in proactively addressing these disclosure and compliance issues that also allow you to move towards market-leading strategies that increase revenue or enhance your brand.

Over 100 Life Cycle Assessments in the electronic industry

PE INTERNATIONAL has completed over 100 LCA and ecodesign assessments and programs in the field of electronics for products including cell phones, printers, computers, servers, semiconductors, electric and electronic systems in cars, e-motors, transformers and many more. Moreover, PE has developed industry voluntary agreements under EuP Directive for COCIR and CECIMO.  PE also provides enterprise sustainability solutions to electronics providers including performance management software, strategy development, and sustainability reporting.

Whitepaper: Calculating the carbon footprint of electronic products

Whitepaper - Carbon Footprint of electronic products

Whitepaper - Carbon Footprint of electronic products

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