Movie about PE INTERNATIONAL from our Investor Gimv

Michael Spielmann, Senior Manager Solutions & Strategies, is giving insights into developing a product category rule for green coffee

Michael Spielmann, Senior Manager Solutions & Strategies, about the relevance of energy in carbon and environmental footprinting

Johannes Kreissig, Director Business Development, about the development of the certification market in Germany and worldwide

John Heckman, Managing Director North America, about sustainability & business value

Barbara Nebel, Managing Director Australasia, about PE INTERNATIONAL

John Jewell, Senior Consultant, about quantifying water water use in LCA

Martin Baitz, Director Content, at Ecochem 2013

Martin Baitz, Director Content, about the future of sustainable chemistry,

Kevin Brady, Senior associate, about sustainable retail and social responsibility

The BUILDING Solution

HyFleet: CUTE Project (Part one)

HyFleet: CUTE Project (Part two)

Pumas clever little bag

InterfaceFLOR Life Cycle Analysis

Solidworks Sustainability