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Expert Service Packages

Expert Service Packages

Expert Service Packages are a great way to get expert modelling and project support when you need it most – while you are working on a project.

You will be assigned a qualified PE expert who directly assists you throughout the stages of your study.

We guide you through your Life Cycle Assessment project

Coaching during your first projects (Expert Service Package I) 

Coaching is a service we offer which ideally compliments any of the above listed trainings. With this option, PE guides you through the procedure of completing an LCA project. We provide assistance with all the essential steps within an LCA project (goal & scope, data collection & quality checks, LCI modelling, result analysis and interpretation) either via web-conferencing sessions or personal meetings with you and your project team.

ISO-compliant pilot projects

Pilot projects (Expert Service Package II) 

Running a pilot project working hand-in-hand with experienced PE experts is an ideal opportunity to quickly build-up proficiency in conducting LCA studies that are ISO-compliant. Furthermore, working in collaboration with PE experts also guarantees the timely completion of your project.

Individual support

Individual support (Expert Service Package III) 

Define the support package yourself and discuss how to meet your goals with PE experts.

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