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Product Sustainability Round Table

Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT)

For 20 years, the Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT) has been the premier community of practice in the product sustainability space.

The PSRT brings together the product sustainability leaders of the world’s most respected companies, from across the value chain, in a non-competitive environment to:

  • Openly share and learn from peers’ collective experiences, perspectives and understanding of key trends and emerging sustainability issues;
  • Benchmark performance, tools and thinking against other leaders considering the whole supply chain; and
  • Deepen understanding of key product sustainability trends that are driving businesses today and are likely to define them in the future.

The Product Sustainability Round Table fills a unique space in the market, bringing together the best elements of – and providing value beyond – a dedicated think-tank, an in-house consultant, an industry association working group, and multiple large sustainability conferences.

Member Benefits

PSRT members benefit from a select range of offerings focused on the needs and interests of the participants. Central to the Product Sustainability Round Table are the bi-annual meetings in both North America and Europe, complemented by other knowledge and engagement benefits. Members have access to:


Four annual PSRT meetings for two individuals from each member company;


Clear actionable insights based on leading practices, tools and processes;


Emerging issues radar and materiality tool;


Member work groups on select topics;


Webinars focused on topics of member interest;


The annual PE Sustainability Symposium in Stuttgart, Germany;


An online source for resources and information about PSRT efforts; and


Regular contact and access to PE INTERNATIONAL’s expertise.

2014 PSRT Themes

Based on emerging trends, our understanding of sustainability, and ongoing discussions with PSRT members, the following three themes have been identified for 2014. These will guide our discussions at the four annual meetings.

Developing a sustainable supply chain

The days when sustainability was defined solely by a company’s gate to gate performance are long gone.  In the light of rising stakeholder expectations, companies also need to address the supply chain. These expectations include management of commercial and reputational risks, and work towards supply chain impact reduction. In particular, the underlying issue of traceability and transparency has reached a tipping point, moving from a leadership goal to expected compliance activity as seen within: USGBC’s LEED V4; heightened expectations within DJSI and GRI; and, increased regulations such as Dodd Frank and the California Safer Consumer Products Regulation. Because of the urgency and complexity of the topic, the PSRT will leverage its unique format to tackle these challenges and develop answers to some of the most pressing questions.

Speeding and Scaling Up Action

Historically, a lack of understanding and information on the key impacts of our products was a critical challenge for the sustainability space. Today we have an abundance of information from sources such as LCAs, EPDs, HPDs, Hot Spot Assessments, but collectively are struggling to translate this understanding into the desired pace and scale of change in our products. To support members in pursuing this objective, the 2014 PSRT will address select questions, with a focus on the related change management aspects and approaches to embedding sustainability into business practices.

Communicating Product Sustainability

As members strive for greater differentiation of their products’ sustainability performance, the ability to communicate performance is the lynchpin to success. Companies are challenged externally by the lack of clear models, skeptical stakeholders, concerns of overstating performance, and emerging regulatory constraints. Further, internally, sustainability leaders face conflicting priorities, reduced novelty, dispersed audiences, etc. Within this theme, the PSRT will focus on sustainability and product stewardship’s role in communicating product sustainability performance from data collection, to design, to engaging marketing departments. During 2014, the PSRT will jointly develop an enhanced understanding of success factors and implementation opportunities for communication.

PSRT Members

The Product Sustainability Round Table is an exclusive group of leading companies from various industries with leading product sustainability practices.

Together with our members, we are proud of how we have grown over the years and are looking forward to the difference we can make going forward.

Member Companies

● 3M ● Alcoa ● BASF Boots ● Dow Corning ● DuPont ● Georgia-Pacific LLC ● Green Mountain Coffee Roasters ● Herman Miller ● Johnson & Johnson ● Johnson Matthey ● Metso ● Rio Tinto ● Sealed Air Stanley Black & Decker ● UTCVolkswagen AG Whirlpool Corporation Zumtobel Group

Regional/Topic Round Tables

The PSRT has established and is in the process of expanding the number of regional and topic round tables. These are focused on regional or topic priorities while being informed by and supporting global insights.


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Dr. Jim Fava, Chairman Product Sustainability Round Table

Next PSRT Meeting

     Midland, Michigan USA, April 29 – May 1, hosted by Dow Corning

     Burlington, Vermont USA, October 15 - 17, hosted by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR)

Next PSRT Meeting


Midland, Michigan USA, April 29 – May 1, hosted by Dow Corning

Burlington, Vermont USA, October 15 - 17, hosted by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) 

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